I promise this picture is relevant…

I think this might be the very first picture of me as “pregnant me.”

My husband took this picture in spring of 2014. He takes very, very few pictures. But something about our little black cat Zoe hanging out on my back while I stretched post jog was too much for him to pass up.

And this picture is important. I think¬†this might be the very first picture of me as “pregnant me.” I couldn’t have been more than six or so weeks along because I stopped jogging early into pregnancy.¬† My pregnancy was mostly very easy, but I was prone to light headedness in the first trimester. It was one thing to see black spots during a Pure Barre class and go lie in the back room until I felt better. It was a very different thing to see black spots two miles from home and perhaps have to lie on someone’s front yard. So, no more jogging for me!

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a bit about myself in my various iterations. Mom-me, Working-me, Looking-for-balance-me… And probably a dozen other “me”s that I’ll find along the way.

Thanks for reading!