A Day in the Life

Alarm goes off. About two year ago I decided to scrap the snooze button. I realized those extra minutes of sleep were more necessarily than the control I felt when I hit the snooze button. I do set a back up alarm because. Well. Weekday mornings are busy.

Welcome to a day in the life of this particular working mom. I’ve picked a work day because because my weekends don’t look nearly impressive. (Wake up early, drink coffee and catch up on Bravo Reality TV while the husband and child sleep in basically how every weekend morning starts for me these days.)

So- here’s a day for you:

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off.  About two year ago I decided to scrap the snooze button. I realized those extra minutes of sleep were more necessarily than the control I felt when I hit the snooze button. I do set a back up alarm because. Well. Weekday mornings are busy.

5:35 AM:  Make coffee. I love coffee. Black coffee. It’s like my signal that the day has to start.

Drink coffee. Always drink coffee.

5:37 AM: Start getting ready. It doesn’t take much since I shower at night. Get dressed.  Brush my hair. Put on my face: tinted moisturizer * (with SPF 20),  eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, mascara. Drink coffee. Always drink coffee.

6:00 AM: Wake up the toddler. My husband is a middle school teacher and he takes our son to daycare near his school (for now, we’re switching to a daycare in our town this summer). They need to leave by 6:20 which means the kiddo needs to get up EARLY. Some days he wakes up with a sweet “I open my eyes!” Other days, like this one, he hollers in his crib for “Mommy go downstairs.” And he’s very into picking out his own clothes. I had him a pair of blue pants? “No Mommy. Not those pants!” He picks the same blue pants out of his drawer? He is a happy camper.

He is very into picking out his own clothes.

6:10 AM: Head down stairs. The kiddo has milk and a quick breakfast. We get his shoes on. I drink coffee. And then, at 6:20, my husband and son are off for the day. I spend the next 15 minutes taking care of the pets and  finishing getting ready or doing a bit of quick picking up. 15 minutes is not much time to do anything. But I finish my coffee. And make another cup to take with me.

6:35AM: My commute begins! I work in Boston and I spend a little over two hours each day commuting. The upside is that about 40 minutes of my commute is walking to or from the train which means I get some movement. On bad weather days, it also means I get wet or freeze or drenched in sweat (ah, New England!). I used to read on my train ride, but lately I’ve been streaming TV. Today it was The Handmaid’s Tale. Yes, it’s lot for the morning, and yes, I cried a bit during this particular episode. But my train ride = my time.

7:50AM: Arrive at the office with breakfast in a hand. And then I start working. Apparently, I had a lot of work to do this particular day because I took exactly no notes about what I did all day while I was at the office. I know it involved document reviews, spreadsheets and at least one conference call.  Probably dozens of emails. I try to keep my head down and stay focused and productive while I’m at the office. I want to get home as early as I possibly can so I can spend time with my son.

This is my desk. I really really need to clean my desk The bags under my desk are full of handme downs I need to bring home.

10:30AM: Coffee Refill Time. I don’t go out for second coffee every day. Well, I guess it’s third coffee since I have one at home and one at breakfast. But iced coffee from Starbucks it is.

My iced coffee likes to pose by the flowers.

Lunch: I must have eaten lunch, right? Like I said, it was a busy day.

Work: Someday I’ll take notes during the work day and report back.

4:10 PM: Time to dash. Literally. Taking the train means I’m on a schedule. Needing 5 extra minutes at home can mean getting work 30 minutes late. And Needing 10 extra minutes at the office can mean waiting 40 minutes for the next train. I do not mind working late when I need to. I don’t mind taking work home with me on the train, either. As long as it’s paperwork because the wifi on the commuter rail is pretty spotty.

See that traffic along the upper section of the picture? That’s what I’d be stuck in every day if I drove. And no watching The Handmaid’s Tale while driving!

5:10 PM: Arrive home! And go right into Mom mode. My husband and son beat me home every day. Sometimes they’re home an hour before me which means my husband is ready for a break. One nice days, like this one, my son likes to go outside. Most nights we take a walk or I push him along on his push tricycle. We usually stay out until 6. This is one of my favorite times of the day – assuming he listens. He is two and a half years old. He does not always listen. As long as he doesn’t run into the street, I consider it a success!

Our afternoon walks. My favorite time of the day.

6:00 PM: Family dinner. Thank god my husband likes to cook. If he didn’t, I’m pretty sure it would be grilled cheese and bag o’ salad for dinner every night.

6:30 PM: Most nights I do bed time for my son. It’s a bit more time we can spend together. But one or two nights a week, I like to go to the gym. Moving feels good to me. It gets out frustration and stress. Some nights I do strength training. Some nights I walk or jog on the treadmill and watch Bravo. Tonight, I took a class called Strong by Zumba. It’s like Zumba on steroids. There is dancing but there are also burpees.  I was covered in sweat. It was wonderful.

8:15PM: Unwind time. I shower and grab a snack (because, Zumba). I make a cup of tea and I space out in front of the TV. And I talk with my husband. He’s spaced out in front of the tv, too. By the end of the day we are both just so done. We usually go to bed with dishes in the sink, which is fine. Mostly fine. I wish we had a housekeeper to come around and pick up after day, but we don’t. And I’d rather we be sane than perfectly clean.

9:30 PM: Sleep is my jam. I try to be in bed by 9:30 and 10 and I watch the local news for a bit. And then I’m out. Most nights. Some nights I can’t shut my brain off, but most nights I can. And I’m grateful for that. I need to sleep so I can start over tomorrow.

*This link takes you to my beautycounter consultant page.

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